Dan Benbow

Dan Benbow is a West Coast writer who has contributed to Alternet, Beyond, Get Underground, and Kotori Magazine. He keeps a blog at, and is currently at work on his first novel.

Bénédicte Brahic

Bénédicte is a researcher for Women Working Worldwide and an Associate Lecturer in Sociology at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has an MA in Politics from L’Institut d’Études Politiques de Lyon and a Ph.D in Sociology from MMU. Her research interests include the transformation of personal life and relationships in the context of migration and the dynamics between gender and globalisation.

James Horrox

James Horrox is a freelance editor, researcher and occasional writer based in Los Angeles. He holds a BA and Ph.D in Politics and has taught social science at Manchester University, the University of Salford and the Open University. His writing appears in a number of journals, books and reference works.

Fabio La Rocca

Fabio La Rocca is a sociologist at Le Centre d’Études sur l’Actuel et le Quotidien at the Sorbonne University, Paris, where he directs the Groupe de Recherche sur l’Image en Sociologie (GRIS). He teaches Communication and Sociology of Cultural Process at University of Evry Val d’Essone. He is publishing coordinator of the journals Sociétés and Les Cahiers Européens de l’Imaginaire and a member of the group On Wall, and collaborates with the research centre ATOPOS at the University of São Paulo, Brazil where he is Visiting Professor. His book Regards et Visions: Climatologie de la Ville Postmoderne was published by CNRS Editions in 2013.

Evelyn Lord

Evelyn Lord is a Fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge. She is the author of several critically acclaimed books, including The Knights Templar in Britain (Longman 2004) and The Hellfire Clubs: Sex, Satanism and Secret Societies (Yale University Press 2008), and a founder of EAH Press, which specialises in the publication of Local History monographs.

Michel Maffesoli

Michel Maffesoli is a professor of sociology at the Sorbonne, member of l’Institut Universitaire de France, and director of CEAQ (Centre d’Etude sur l’Actuel et le Quotidien), CRI (Centre Recherche sur l’Imaginaire) and the journal Sociétés. He is the author of numerous books, including Le Temps des Tribus (1988), Du Nomadisme (1997), Le Réenchantement du Monde (2007), Après la Modernité? (2008), Le Temps Revient (2011), Sarkologie (2011) and Homo Eroticus (2012).

Elio di Muccio

Elio holds a BA in Cultural Studies from the University of Birmingham, where he is working on his postgraduate studies in Social and Political Theory. His academic interests focus on Marxism, Critical Realism and networked social movements.

Atte Oksanen

Atte Oksanen is a researcher at the National Research Institute of Legal Policy (Helsinki, Finland). He has published in a variety of areas including youth studies, alcohol and drug research, and media studies. Oksanen is also a co-PI of a Hate Communities: A Cross-national Comparison project (University of Turku), which explores the phenomenon of online hate and aggression among young people.

Jakob Williams Ørberg

Jakob is a Danish anthropologist with a background in research into Danish and international university reform. He works as head of section in The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

Kelly Shaw

Kelly grew up in Northern California and New England, and was educated at Berklee and Columbia.

Vincenzo Susca

Vincenzo Susca is Associate Professor at the University Paul Valéry, Montpellier, researcher at the Centre d’Études sur l’Actuel et le Quotidien (CeaQ), Sorbonne, Paris, McLuhan Fellow at the University of Toronto and Director of Les Cahiers européens de l’imaginaire. His publications include Joie Tragique. Les formes élémentaires de la vie électronique (Milan 2010; Paris 2011; Barcelona 2012), Transpolitica (Milan 2008), Récréations: Galaxies de l’imaginaire postmoderne (Milan 2008; Paris 2009) and A l’ombre de Berlusconi (Milan 2004; Paris 2006).

Hélène Strohl

Hélène Strohl is the author of Le placard à Confitures (Paris 1995), Un Amour Menaçant (Paris 2000), L’Etat Social ne Fonctionne Plus (Paris 2008) and Recettes d’hier et d’aujourd’hui (Jérôme Do Bentzinger Editeur, Paris 2012).

Sébastien Tutenges

Sébastien Tutenges is assistant professor at the Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research at Aarhus University, Denmark. He has a Ph.D in sociology and an MA in anthropology, and is the author of Intoxication: An Ethnography of Effervescent Revelry (Rutgers University Press, 2022). His research is broadly concerned with nightlife, tourism, prostitution and substance use.

Michael Tyldesley

Mike is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has a BA in Politics from the University of Nottingham and a Ph.D from the University of Manchester, and has published in numerous scholarly journals and edited volumes. His books include No Heavenly Delusion? (Liverpool University Press, 2003) and The Thought of Sorbonne Professor Michel Maffesoli (Mellen, 2010).

Louis Volont

Louis Volont is a research fellow at the Centre for Sociological Research, Leuven. As a sociologist he specialises in neotribal theory and the history of the anomie concept. In collaboration with Rudi Laermans and Michel Maffesoli he is currently working on his Ph.D ‘The Dionysian Tradition: An Inquiry into Neotribalization’.